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Inclusive Teaching

a blue badge with "inclusive teaching" on its ribbon

Inclusive teaching involves deliberate and sustained pedagogical and design choices that create learning environments where students are consistently supported. Moreover, students’ perceptions and experiences of belonging strongly affect self-efficacy, motivation, and academic success. Students bring a wide range of identities, backgrounds, and experiences into our courses; the inclusive teaching badge represents dedicated and sustained work towards fostering educational experiences that affirm that value of all students and offer equitable opportunities for success. Participants will complete three workshops, a CELT-facilitated student feedback session, and a reflective statement (as well as pre/post-surveys). Faculty of any kind (full time and part time), graduate instructors and TAs, postdoctoral scholars, and staff with instructional responsibilities are eligible to enroll in this badge program.


  1. cultivate a greater awareness of the importance and impact of inclusive teaching
  2. increase efficacy in engaging sensitive or challenging topics in the classroom
  3. develop strategies for designing and facilitating inclusive learning environments