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Consultations with CELT staff are confidential and flexible to your needs. We approach each situation as a unique one and take a dialogic, constructivist approach that seeks to combine our insights and perspectives with instructors' expertise and experience. Consultations can involve just one instructor or several, as well as just one CELT staff or several. We can consult in person and over Zoom, and we're always eager to have follow-up consultations to keep working on ideas and practices, and to reflect on how things are going. Instructors do not need to have a concrete plan heading into a consultation; while some do, consultations have also been very productive when an instructor does not have everything "figured out" beforehand. We're always eager to talk teaching and learning!

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Mid-Semester Student Feedback on Learning

Instructors know the value of receiving actionable feedback on students' learning with time to make meaningful adjustments. CELT offers a mid-semester course feedback service that provides insights and opportunities not only for the course at hand but also for an instructor's long-term development. With a CELT facilitator, the feedback process is collaborative with students—as we guide them to articulate and make sense of their learning in the course—and with instructors as we similarly seek to explore and interpret student feedback as it informs the instructor's approach and understanding. We offer three formats: an in-person class visit, a virtual class visit, and a survey that we administer.

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Workshop & Event Requests

In addition to hosting events for the general University community every semester, CELT also facilitates events (both in-person and virtual) by request for specific audiences. We collaborate with the requesting unit or individuals to design a single session or a series of events that allow us to explore questions and issues in the context of particular disciplinary, curricular, and organizational areas. We've hosted or co-hosted events at the college, department, and program levels, as well as for specific cohorts within and across organizational units. Requested events, in fact, account for the majority of CELT events. For examples of previous CELT workshops and events, click here.

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Grant & Research Support

We're eager to support grant- and research-based projects that pertain to teaching and learning in some capacity. CELT has partnered with individual faculty and research teams in a variety of ways, from providing occasional advice to serving as named personnel or investigators on the grant or research project. In particular, we are well positioned to support projects that involve instructional or teacher development, curriculum development and implementation, program design and assessment, research on teaching and learning, and the design and analysis of instructional interventions.

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Learning Communities

Originally developed at Miami University of Ohio, learning communities offer a structured and sustained format for inquiries around specific issues in teaching and learning. They usually involve 6-12 participants (based on cohort, discipline, or issue of broad interest) who meet once or twice a month for at least one academic year. CELT has hosted learning communities focused on teaching large classes, the transition to college, digital pedagogy, diversity and inclusion, teaching student veterans, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Learning communities have traditionally focused on faculty, but CELT has also hosted graduate student, postdoc, and staff learning communities. Typically, FLCs are co-facilitated by CELT and one or two faculty members.

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College, Department, & Other Partnerships

In addition to our services outlined here, CELT partners with academic units at UK on projects that involve teaching and learning. Examples include assisting with the (re)design of degree programs, contributing to the design and implementation of faculty training and development programs, serving on University-wide committees, collaborating on processes to document and evaluate teaching, hosting international faculty development programs, etc. If there is a priority or project related to teaching and learning in your college, department, or academic unit, we'd be eager to support you.

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