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Writing Assignment Design and AI

Generative AI tools can process massive amounts of data and use that data to produce novel textual outputs like essays, blog posts, and other writing. Instructors who utilize writing in their courses will want to consider how to help students interrogate and, when appropriate, integrate these tools into their writing process.

2023 UK Teaching Excellence Symposium

Sponsored by the Office for Faculty Advancement and the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, the symposium will be a space for sharing examples of exceptional teaching, exploring pedagogical frameworks, and fostering connections and community among UK educators. Anyone connected to the instructional mission of the university (faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, PTIs, etc.) are invited to submit proposals.

Graduate Teaching Academy: Classroom Management Strategies

This zoom-based workshop is designed for teaching assistants and other graduate students serving the instructional mission of the university. Instructors can face challenging situations in the classroom that can leave them feeling unprepared on how to handle the situation in the moment. This workshop will discuss common challenges and approaches to addressing classroom management issues before, during, and after they arise. Click here to register!   Facilitators:

2023 Commonwealth Computational Summit "AI in Education" Session

UK's Center for Computational Science and ITS/Research Computing Infrastructure is hosting the 7th Annual Commonwealth Computational Summit. For the first time, the Summit will host an “AI in Education” afternoon session in partnership with UK’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT).

How Ungrading Works

Ungrading is a broad and evolving pedagogical practice that resists one standardized definition. One general theme of ungrading is that it urges movement away from traditional assessment and grading practices to support student learning through equity, student-centered instruction, and meaningful feedback, etc. This in-person workshop will introduce instructors to some different approaches to ungrading and explore examples of course implementation.

Graduate Teaching Academy: Assessing Student Learning

What does it mean to assess our students and why do we do it? This workshop will explore the multiple purposes of assessment and engage participants in a discussion of questions we should consider when designing our assessments for students. This zoom-based workshop is designed for teaching assistants and other graduate students serving the instructional mission of the university. Click here to register. Facilitator:

5R Framework for Trauma-Informed Teaching

This virtual session will introduce the 5R Framework for trauma-informed teaching and explore small ways to implement the framework into your course. Click here to register. Facilitators:

Reflecting on AI in Teaching

Generative AI is an ever-changing technology and the research surrounding its impact on education continues to develop. After a semester of teaching in the age of AI we invite instructors to reflect on the effectiveness of methods, policies, and assignments related to artificial intelligence. The in-person workshop will also explore significant changes in generative AI as it relates to teaching and learning. This is an in-person event held at CELT in 502 King Science Library.

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