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Examples of Past Events

CELT offers a variety of workshops, discussions, panels, and events each semester that are tailored to the emerging opportunities and challenges in higher education and the needs of UK's instructors.  Our events calendar is released a few weeks prior to the start of each semester.

Click "events" to view the existing calendar if available. If your group, department, school, or college is interested in having CELT deliver a custom workshop, please email or use our contact form. Below are some examples of past events.

Assignment Design and Instruction

  • Enhancing Academic Reading with Perusall
  • Canvas Quick Start Guide
  • Motivation: Engaging Students and Encouraging Attendance
  • "What’s my problem?": Regulating our Executive Functions
  • Effective Feedback for Learning
  • Strategies for Facilitating Effective Discussions
  • Transparent Assignment Design
  • Leveraging Community Guidelines for Inclusive Teaching
  • Utilizing iPads for Student Executive Functioning
  • Strategies for Enhancing Student Engagement in Large Classes
  • Strategies for "Ungrading"

AI and Education

For additional information on AI-related events including a sample of recorded events click here.

  • An Introduction to Generative AI
  • AI and Writing-based Assessments
  • Forum on AI in Teaching and Learning
  • Generative AI Guided Play Session
  • Designing Assignments with GenAI in Mind
  • Writing Assignment Design and AI

Inclusive Teaching

  • Sharing Strategies for Facilitating Community and Belonging
  • Setting up an Inclusive Classroom
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Trauma-informed Pedagogy
  • Critical Pedagogy for Challenging Times
  • Setting the Tone and Fostering Inclusion
  • Leveraging Community Guidelines for Inclusive Teaching
  • Inclusive Teaching through UDL

Evidence of an Effective Teaching Practice

  • Teaching Portfolios and Philosophy Statements
  • An introduction to Reflective Teaching
  • Revising our Course Syllabi


Watch Dr. Shawna Felkins's session on using Perusall for enhancing academic reading in your teaching.