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UDL Staff Boot Camp

This three-day CELT Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Boot Camp will introduce staff to the theory and practice of Universal Design for Learning (UDL): an inclusive, research-based planning framework that helps educators reduce learning barriers through proactive design. Staff will explore and apply UDL-informed approaches to their work with the goal of fostering equitable and accessible learning environments for all students. Lunches and light breakfasts will be provided for all three days.

CELT Launches Digital Badging Program

We are excited to announce the formal launch of our digital badging program at CELT, with our inaugural badge on inclusive teaching. CELT badges are designed to recognize sustained inquiry and development on important topics in teaching and learning, and to support the professional advancement of faculty, graduate students, and instructional staff at UK.

The Promise and Practice of Inclusive Education

The Department of Biology is hosting Dr. Bryan Dewsbury for a presentation on his work in inclusive teaching and learning, and how an introductory biology course can help fulfill higher education's civic mission.

Teaching Neurodiverse Learners

This virtual workshop will include a brief introduction to neurodiversity including common misconceptions, instructional barriers, and strategies. Several evidence-based planning tools will be referenced in this session including Transparent Assignment Design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Instructors will leave with a better understanding of their neurodiverse students and some new tools for teaching these students in their classrooms. NB: this workshop can be applied towards the inclusive teaching badge.

Supporting Inclusion & Belonging by Leveraging Community Guidelines

Engaging students in the creation and use of community guidelines can support belonging and community in the classroom. This in-person workshop will explore strategies for leveraging community guidelines as an inclusive teaching practice.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education features Trey Conatser in conversation about AI

Jon Edelman's piece in Diverse Issues in Higher Education features Dr. Ivory Toldson, professor of counseling psychology at Howard University and Dr. Trey Conatser, director of CELT at the University of Kentucky on the opportunities and warnings surrounding AI. Read full article here.

Strategies for Building Inclusive Learning Environments

Join us for an exploration of pedagogical strategies that establish and sustain a classroom that prioritizes inclusiveness by making space for all students. Using a framework that emphasizes connections, facilitation, mindfulness, and follow-up, the group will consider next steps for their own teaching and courses. NB: this workshop can be applied towards the inclusive teaching badge. Click here to register.

Instructors Reflect on Inclusive Teaching and Learning Environments

On January 19, 2023, CELT held a workshop titled “Setting Up an Inclusive Classroom." CELT's intern Jemi Chew asked Dr. Jill Abney about the goals and impact of inclusive teaching practices, as well as what instructors gain from attending workshops that focus on them.

Critical Pedagogy for Challenging Times

The diversity of students’ experiences and identities inevitably invites topics of public debate to our learning environments, and they often become a large part of class discussions whether we welcome them or not. This workshop considers the generative possibility of engaging tense topics and explores strategies to effectively facilitate classroom conversations and navigate "hot" moments.