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Where to Begin with AI and Teaching?

Below are some suggested steps for exploring GenAI tools and reflecting on how to approach them in your courses. Use the linked resources to complete these steps.

  1. Read our Intro to AI & Teaching to get a sense of what GenAI is and how it works. 
  2. Explore some examples of GenAI and experiment with them.
  3. Read some example course AI policies and adapt on for your syllabus.
  4. If those examples don't work for you, design your own policy using this guide.

As always, CELT is available for one-on-one and group consultations to discuss these ideas further. Contact us here to schedule a consult.

Step 1 - Read the Introduction to AI in Teaching

Start by reading CELT's brief interactive introduction to GenAI including some important takeaways about how to approach GenAI and AI detectors as an instructor. This page also includes some interactive activities to help you learn more about GenAI.

Read & Interact

GenAI and Teaching

Step 2 - Explore GenAI Examples

While ChatGPT is perhaps the most well-known text-based GenAI tool, there are many others available for use (and the numbers continue to grow). Read about some of the more notable text-based AI tools and how they differ. Spend some time experimenting with them.

Explore AI Examples

Step 3 - Read AI Course Policy Examples

It is up to the instructor to decide whether student use of generative AI (GenAI) is appropriate for their courses. Regardless of whether AI use is allowed, every class syllabus should include a clear policy on AI. See some examples you can adapt here.

View Policy Examples

Step 4 - Build Your Own AI Course Policy

For instructors who prefer to design their own AI course policy, see our guide that walks you though that process. The guide offers specific questions instructors should consider.

View Course Policy Guide

Additional Resources

CELT AI Events

CELT is offering a number of events designed to help instructors explore and experiment with GenAI as it relates to teaching and learning. View our scheduled events and register for those that interest you. 

See Events Schedule


The transdisciplinary UK ADVANCE Team exists to define and develop recommendations for responsible use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) at the University of Kentucky. The team will provide ongoing guidance to the campus community to achieve the university’s mission for education, research, clinical care and service. See their website and guidelines here.


University Senate

Instructors will want to stay informed on the University's required language regarding GenAI. The University Senate provides recommendations — including sample language for a course syllabus — on how to manage AI/ML in the classroom.

See Senate Recommendations