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We are excited to announce the formal launch of our digital badging program at CELT, with our inaugural badge on inclusive teaching. CELT badges are designed to recognize sustained inquiry and development on important topics in teaching and learning, and to support the professional advancement of faculty, graduate students, and instructional staff at UK. Digital records of badges are maintained by Credly.

Our first badge focuses on Inclusive Teaching, which involves deliberate and sustained pedagogical and design choices that create learning environments where students are consistently supported. Moreover, students’ perceptions and experiences of belonging strongly affect self-efficacy, motivation, and academic success. Students bring a wide range of identities, backgrounds, and experiences into our courses; the inclusive teaching badge represents dedicated and sustained work towards fostering educational experiences that affirm that value of all students and offer equitable opportunities for success.

The Inclusive Teaching Badge was developed to meet an increasing need for structured and sustained programming in teaching and learning, with an intent to make the work of instructional development in this area more legible as a micro-credential. This badge program aligns with UK Strategic Plan objectives SF1, OP2, II2, and MPOC3.

The Inclusive Teaching Badge is designed for full-time faculty of any kind or title series, part-time instructors, graduate instructors and TAs, and postdoctoral scholars.

The requirements for the badge are:

  1. completed badge interest form (once you've done this, you'll be added to the Canvas site)
  2. three workshops tagged for the inclusive teaching badge (these may be facilitated by CELT or other areas; for other areas reach out to CELT to ensure the workshop or event will apply towards the badge)
  3. one mid-semester student feedback session and consultation facilitated by CELT
  4. written reflection addressing the program’s impact on and/or plans for inclusive course design, instructional practices, and pedagogical perspectives
  5. badge program post-survey
  6. completion of requirements within two years

To enroll, head over to the CELT badges page.