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Earlier this semester, the University of Kentucky Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) announced its call for applications for the 2024-25 CELT Teaching Innovation Institute.

This was a significant call for two reasons. First, it anticipated the milestone of the Institute’s fifth cohort. Since 2020, faculty in the Teaching innovation Institute have explored and implemented effective, engaging and inclusive learning opportunities for students in a collaborative and transdisciplinary environment. These faculty have also taken on leadership and mentor roles in their respective areas, spreading enthusiasm and insights in support of UK’s educational mission.

Second, the call announced a shift in focus for the Institute towards generative artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching, learning and higher education. By the end of May 2024, CELT will have facilitated 64 events, workshops, talks or presentations on generative AI since it became publicly available in the final weeks of 2022. We continue to consult individually with instructors, staff and students on the technical, ethical and rhetorical dimensions of this emergent and disruptive technology both at a high level as well as in specific disciplinary contexts.

The nature of those conversations has shifted dramatically over a short period of time. We now consider a widening spectrum of generative AI technologies with multimodal capabilities that are increasingly integrated into software suites and other digital tools. Generative AI technologies have become much more sophisticated while many limitations and concerns persist. The discourse on generative AI is energetic but also challenging for its mix of speculation and specialized knowledge, as well as a range of competing goals and agendas.

At CELT we are excited to announce the 2024-25 Teaching Innovation Institute faculty and look forward to learning alongside them. This cohort represents 11 colleges and 24 departments or schools across UK. Across all five cohorts, the Teaching Innovation Institute has reached 17 colleges and 57 departments or schools.