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GenAI as Teaching Assistant

If you are curious about how Generative AI could assist you within your course, then this session is for you. When you are designing and building out various components of your course, Generative AI might be well positioned to assist you over the summer as you prepare for fall. During this semester, my students have been leveraging AI to help them develop a learning module in their field and we will share our lessons learned. Plus, you will also be given opportunities to explore a variety of tools during the session.

Assignment Design with AI in Mind: Design Lab

This session is a continuation of the workshop series exploring assignment design with AI in mind. Attendees should bring an existing assignment to the session to share. During this session, we will collaborate with one another to craft a transparent assignment that includes how Generative AI may be used by students.

Assignment Design with AI in Mind: Hands-on Exploration

This in-person exploratory session is designed to support instructors who are interested in how GenAI can contribute to learning in their classes. We invite participants to bring an existing assignment or assignment idea to actively consider possibilities for incorporating AI. This session will be participant-driven and make space for guided first-hand experience with popular AI tools. Please bring a device (laptop or tablet) and an assignment to the session. We will be primarily exploring tools that are either free or accessible to UK faculty, staff, and students.

Assignment Design with AI in Mind: Info Session

In a short period of time, GenAI tools have developed numerous useful capabilities for learning. Instructors looking to leverage these tools to enhance learning while also deciding when and how to limit their use will find relevant tips in this session. During this information session, we will consider uses of AI in assignments and necessary modifications to assignment descriptions to clarify AI-related expectations to students.

Generative AI in 2024: Updates and Discussions for a New Year

Generative AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Over the past year (and some change), we have learned about this new technology and refined our pedagogical approaches to account for its presence in the educational professional landscape. During this virtual session, CELT leadership will review recent developments in both the technology and the issues surrounding it in connection with teaching and learning. We will then open into a discussion with a focus on preparing for teaching during the spring 2024 semester.

UK ADVANCE Releases Updated Guidelines for GenAI in Teaching and Learning

UK ADVANCE has released updated guidelines for the use of generative AI in teaching and learning for the spring 2024 semester. Comprised of over 30 team members from across the University, UK ADVANCE continues to monitor the developments in generative AI and its implications for higher education.

Mills Kelly: Teaching Humanities in the Age of AI

The humanities have always been disciplines rooted in writing. Now that AI tools are increasingly able to write for us, what will this mean for humanistic teaching, learning, and scholarship? Mills Kelly is professor of history and former director of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

CELT Presents on Generative AI & Transparent Assignment Design at Annual POD Network Conference

CELT staff attended the annual POD Network conference—one of the major conferences for centers for teaching and learning (CTLs)—and led sessions focusing on the CTLs's role regarding generative AI and the future of teaching and learning, as well as transparent assignment design for greater equity and student success.

Faculty at UK and Institutions Across Kentucky Present at "AI in Education" Session of Commonwealth Computational Summit

On Monday, October 16, thirteen presenters from six institutions across the state took the stage at the 2023 Commonwealth Computational Summit to explore the opportunities and complexities that generative AI presents for the future of higher education. The "AI in Education" session represents a unique collaboration between UK ADVANCE, CELT, and the UK Center for Computational Sciences to feature, for the first time at the Summit, an afternoon dedicated to the impact and future of generative AI for teaching, learning, and student success.

2023 Commonwealth Computational Summit "AI in Education" Session

UK's Center for Computational Science and ITS/Research Computing Infrastructure is hosting the 7th Annual Commonwealth Computational Summit. For the first time, the Summit will host an “AI in Education” afternoon session in partnership with UK’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT).