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The Promise and Practice of Inclusive Education

The Department of Biology is hosting Dr. Bryan Dewsbury for a presentation on his work in inclusive teaching and learning, and how an introductory biology course can help fulfill higher education's civic mission.

5R Framework for Trauma-Informed Teaching

This virtual session will introduce the 5R Framework for trauma-informed teaching and explore small ways to implement the framework into your course. Click here to register. Facilitators:

Teaching Neurodiverse Learners

This virtual workshop will include a brief introduction to neurodiversity including common misconceptions, instructional barriers, and strategies. Several evidence-based planning tools will be referenced in this session including Transparent Assignment Design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Instructors will leave with a better understanding of their neurodiverse students and some new tools for teaching these students in their classrooms.

Forum on AI in Teaching and Learning: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The rapid developments in generative AI this semester leave us with complex and nuanced questions about student learning, the production of knowledge, assessments and teaching strategies, course policies and communications, and academic integrity. Join us for a conversation that takes the experiences from this semester to look ahead towards the next.

Inclusive Teaching with Universal Design for Learning

When you hear UDL, what do you think of? Captions on videos? Screen reader-accessible documents? While those things are most definitely a small part of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), the UDL framework includes 26 other teaching practices designed to support teaching for all students, not just student with disabilities. This session will introduce participants to the basics of Universal Design (UD) and UDL. Participants will discuss and share strategies for designing and implementing instruction that promotes inclusion and access for all.

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Over the past few years, traumatic events have significantly impacted students—and instructors—in higher education. When a potentially traumatic incident occurs on or off campus, how we respond and communicate with students makes a difference in their ability to stay engaged with instructors, peers, and coursework.

Instructors Reflect on Inclusive Teaching and Learning Environments

On January 19, 2023, CELT held a workshop titled “Setting Up an Inclusive Classroom." CELT's intern Jemi Chew asked Dr. Jill Abney about the goals and impact of inclusive teaching practices, as well as what instructors gain from attending workshops that focus on them.

Setting up an Inclusive Classroom

How we begin the semester can set a lasting tone for our courses in terms of fostering inclusivity and building community. Join us for an exploration of pedagogical strategies that establish and sustain a classroom that prioritizes inclusiveness by making space for all students.

Inclusive & Equitable Pedagogy: A Mindful Practice

Building on previous discussions about fostering community and belonging in the learning environment, this workshop focuses on inclusion as a pedagogical practice and invites participants to explore mindfulness as a tool for sustaining work in inclusive and equitable pedagogical praxis.