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CELT Launches Digital Badging Program

We are excited to announce the formal launch of our digital badging program at CELT, with our inaugural badge on inclusive teaching. CELT badges are designed to recognize sustained inquiry and development on important topics in teaching and learning, and to support the professional advancement of faculty, graduate students, and instructional staff at UK.

Facilitating Conversation around Divisive Topics

Conflict in the classroom risks suppressing dialogue and sustained engagement. This is especially true in an era when contentious socio-political issues arise frequently. Instructors engaging students in classroom discussion around these issues are challenged with navigating intersecting identities and diverse political perspectives. Discomfort can be compounded if instructors feel unprepared to facilitate constructive conversations due to lack of perceived expertise, fear of poor evaluations, or simply from being caught off guard.

Setting Boundaries and Clear Expectations to Support Learning

Maintaining effective boundaries supports instructors’ wellbeing and ability to teach, and ultimately facilitates their ability to support meaningful student learning. This virtual session will focus on how instructors can develop, communicate, and follow through with boundaries as they relate to teaching practices.

Co-Creating Learning Opportunities in Your Classroom

This virtual session will introduce possibilities for instructor-student collaboration at varying levels of course design. Participants will learn about the benefits of co-creating learning for both students and instructors, and explore ways they can work with students to enhance their current assignments and courses.

First-Generation Student Panel

Celebrate First-Generation Week by exploring the diverse identities and backgrounds that our first-generation students bring to UK from the student perspective. This panel will feature first-generation students who will speak to their experiences in and beyond coursework at UK as well as ways that instructors have supported and encouraged them in their classes.

CELT Team Presents Findings on Teaching Traumatic Histories at H-Net Conference

As part of CELT’s work to support effective and inclusive teaching at UK and beyond, a team of CELT staff presented at H-Net’s 2023 Teaching Conference on Tuesday, August 22. The conference theme “Critical Conversations: Teaching and Creating Community in Difficult Times,” prioritized transdisciplinary and multi-level conversations around current challenges facing teaching and learning. CELT team members Dr.

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Over the past few years, traumatic events have significantly impacted students—and instructors—in higher education. When a potentially traumatic incident occurs on or off campus, how we respond and communicate with students makes a difference in their ability to stay engaged with instructors, peers, and coursework.

Strategies for Building Inclusive Learning Environments

Join us for an exploration of pedagogical strategies that establish and sustain a classroom that prioritizes inclusiveness by making space for all students. Using a framework that emphasizes connections, facilitation, mindfulness, and follow-up, the group will consider next steps for their own teaching and courses. NB: this workshop can be applied towards the inclusive teaching badge. Click here to register.

Strategies for Facilitating Effective Discussions

Leading an effective class discussion depends on many variables and requires introspection, attention to the tendencies of students, and extensive preparation. There is no set formula for running a perfect discussion but there are helpful steps instructors can take when planning those discussions. Join us for this in-person session where we will explore some of these strategies and troubleshoot challenges that can arise during discussion-based activities.

Setting up an Inclusive Classroom

How we begin the semester can set a lasting tone for our courses in terms of fostering inclusivity and building community. Join us for an exploration of pedagogical strategies that establish and sustain a classroom that prioritizes inclusiveness by making space for all students.